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Hello, I’m Nayomi.

I’m an utter foodie who is passionate about wellbeing, health & fitness. I started Her Food & Fitness because I wanted to share uncomplicated food and fitness advice, that doesn’t suck!

I started HF&F to provide simple, no BS guidance on a living healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re on a weightloss journey or you just want to be fitter & healthier, HF&F is here to bring you the best food advice, easy delicious nutritious recipes + meal plans and fun effective workouts.

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My Story

For many years I have struggled with my weight.  My weight gain started when I left home for university; gone were the home-made meals and in were the cheap, fast and convenient foods – instant noodles, carb laden semi-home cooked meals (mostly, pasta and pre-made sauces) and of course the full-on ready meals. There were phases over the years when my weight gain could no longer be ignored (i.e. when none of trousers fit me) and I’d try to lose weight by eating healthy.

The truth is I had no idea what healthy eating was. I resorted to following some popular diets, doing some detoxes/cleanses, half-heartedly going to the gym and sometimes it would work – I’d shift a couple kilos but when the dieting was done I slowly put on that weight back on and more.  I met the man of my dreams in 2014. We had so much in common; shared ambition, love of travelling, and we both love food. When he popped the question in 2017, I was overcome with joy, I was going to marry my soulmate, but I was anxious. Not only had we got a wedding to plan but I wanted to feel beautiful and sexy in a wedding dress and I was about 35kg overweight.

I began my most focused weight loss journey ever.  I deep dived into research about healthy eating and fitness and put my all into being that beautiful bride with the perfect wedding. But of course, old habits die-hard so I tried a few highly restrictive diets first before having the realisation that I will forever be a foodie. I love cooking and eating delicious food. I love variety and trying new things so any diet that is too restrictive for me will undoubtedly end in failure because I could not adhere to it in the long run.

I became immersed in research about healthy eating and fitness and put my all into losing weight. I realised that eating for health, weight-loss and performance is not about banning “bad foods” and doing gruelling amount of cardio but being able to find a healthy balance that works for your lifestyle. I lost over 20kg for our beautiful beach wedding and I felt fantastic. But

I created Her Food and Fitness to share delicious nutritious recipes & feasible fun fitness advice for women but also help guide you against all the misinformation when it comes food, so you can create the best meal plan and workout regime for you.

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