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15 Delicious & Easy Healthy Snacks to Make At Home

With the extended amount of time I’m now spending at home, I’m experiencing the munchies more than ever. In all honesty, it is way too easy for me to tuck into whole packets of crisp, biscuits or chocolate. And whilst it’s okay to have these foods in moderation, it’s best to have some snacks to eat that are balanced, nutritious and tasty.

So what makes a “healthy”snack? For me a healthy foods are not highly processed, contain wholesome ingredients and are packed full of healthful nutrients regardless of the calorie content.

Here are 15 recipes that are “clean”, wholesome and nutritious but are also absolutely delicious and quick & easy to make.

1 – 5 Ingredient Homemade Kind Bars from Beaming Baker

Demeter via Beaming Baker

Nutty goodness of these homemade KIND Bars is unbelievable and you only need 5 ingredients to make them.

Try the recipe here.

2 – Berry Swirl Frozen Yoghurt Bark from Celebrating Sweets

Allison via Celebrating Sweets

This 3 ingredient, no cook recipe is a refreshing treat great for the summer.

Get the recipe here.

3 – Chipotle Hummus from Create Mindfully

Willow Moon via Create Mindfully

This chipotle hummus dip is delicious paired with crudite or nachos. Enjoy with friends and family but I wouldn’t blame you if you keep it all to yourself!

Try the recipe here.

4- Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes with Toppings from The Cookie Crumb

Cookie via The Cookie Crumb

Put your own spin on the run of the mill rice cake by pairing them with chocolate and your favourite fruit, nuts and seeds.

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Get the recipe here.

5 – Healthy Extra Carrot Cake Flapjacks Cookies from Slimming Eats

Siobhan via Slimming Eats

These cookies are perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth combining the classic flavors of carrot cake and oaty flapjack.

Try the recipe here.

6 – Avocado Crispbread 3 Ways from This Mess Is Ours

These inventive variations of avocado “toast” are packed full of flavour.

Get the recipe here.

7 – Greek Yoghurt Peanut Butter Dip from Family Fresh Meals

I love this dip paired with apple slices but these would also be great other fruit, pretzel or even celery.

Try the recipe here.

8 – Healthy Fruit & Nut Granola Bar from Everyday Easy Eats

Confession, I’m absolutely addicted granola bars. These healthy granola treats are chewy, nutty and more than satisfying.

Get the recipe here.

9 – Chili Lime Cashews from Glue and Glitter

Becky Striepe via Glue and Glitter

Zesty, spicy deliciousness – this nut recipe absolutely morish.

Try the recipe here.

10 – Healthy Cookie Dough Balls from Erin Lives Whole

5 is the magic number. These healthy cookie dough balls are made with only 5 ingredients, can be prepped in 5 minutes and eaten in less than 5 seconds…

Get the recipe here.

11 – Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Popcorn from Celebrating Sweets

Allison via Celebrating Sweets

Is there anything better than freshly popped popcorn? Yes, this easy artisan take on sweet and salty popcorn.

Try this recipe here.

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12 – Cucumber Slices with Herb & Garlic Cheese from Midget Momma

Lauren via Midget Momma

These inexpensive snack take only a few minutes to make but absolutely heavenly.

Get the recipe here.

13 – Raw Nutella Bars from Dolly and Oatmeal

Lindsey S. Love via Dolly and Oatmeal

If your the type of person who can eat nutella by the spoonful, you definitely need to try these snack bars.

Try the recipe here.

14 – Coconut Seed Clusters from Live Best

Judy via Live Best

Packed full of healthy fats, protein and fibre are a wholesome alternative to a typical cookie.

Get the recipe here.

15- Oven Baked Zucchini (Courgette) Chips from Skinny Ms

Gale via Skinny Ms.

Craving crisp or potato chips? Try these crispy baked courgettes which come in at 99 calories per serving.

Try the recipe here.

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